YSpot enables you to offer free WiFi to customers

Connect with them digitally, promote products and services, and increase sales.

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A network of hotspots, used by mobile users across the city

Hosting a YSpot, drives footfalls at your store.

Easy to setup

Works with internet connection from any service provider.

Simpler to manage

Mobile app to manage the hotspot.

Maximum returns

Customer analytics driven sales promotions.

Even small eatouts can host and manage a YSpot

Mobile app to manage hotspot.

Yspot handles all the user management and data usage tracking in the cloud and provides a simple mobile interface for managing the hotspot. No technical know-how or system is required, making it suitable even for small shops.

WiFi as a digital means to engage with the customers

Automate customer engagement for happier customers

Promote products and services

Provide offers and discounts

Notify customers through messages

Do not worry on how to make sense of the customer statistics

Set your business goals and focus on the business while we do the heavy lifting.

Stores can choose from a set of business goals, provide the products and offers they like to promote and sit back while we figure out the steps to achieve these goals. YSpot promotes the products and deals to the right customers, at the right time and location based on customer analytics and machine learning techniques.

Increase Footfalls

Special deals and product information delivered to shoppers nearby at right time based on their intent and habits to drive more walk-ins

Promote new products

All new products or services on offer will never go undiscovered. Showcase products to your repeat, loyal & potential customers in the right mix to drive sales

Increase dwell time

Get shoppers to spend more time at the store to increase purchases. Several gamification options that can be automated to increase customer dwell- time and experience.

Build customer loyalty

Rewards, special deals and engagement backed by customer intelligence to convert customers into patrons. Use YSpot to run loyalty programs that fit your business goals

Boost Customer Engagement

Build relationships by engaging digitally. Send reminders, ask feedback, share special deals, notify about new products via automated YSpot in- app messages

and more..

lots of business goals to be automated with ease. Sit back and relax, while our intelligence system executes required steps to achieve your goal

We bring brands to your stores

Brands promote their products at your store, increasing the sales.

We partner with brands to promote their products across the YSpot network. Stores that sell the brand's product can enable these promotions to boost their sales. Promoting at the point of sale improves the conversion rate and sales for stores and brands. .

Launching soon in Bengaluru, register for early access.


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