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Connect to free WiFi at stores across the city

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Save your mobile data plans for later.

Access free WiFi while hanging out with friends at your favorite eatout, restaurants, fashion outlets, super markets, saloons, hotels and other public places. Seamless connectivity across the network. The app connects to YSpot automatically whenever a hotspot is in range.

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Walk into the store

Auto connect to WiFi

Connect digitally with the stores

Making in-store experience on par with e-commerce

Discover products & services

Stumble upon interesting products and services at fabulous prices from stores around you. Discover like it is done at ecommerce stores.

Get discounts & offers

Explore deals at favorite places around you. Receive exclusive offers whenever you are around a store.

Connect with messages

Loved something or have suggestions? Drop a message to the store. Get reminders, offers and more from businesses around you.

Yspot for Stores

Not just free WiFi for customers, Promote products, Offer deals, and Increase sales.

YSpot is transforming the way brick and mortar businesses connect with their customers. Be it a small eatout or a super market, YSpot enables a new channel for stores to connect and engage with customers digitally and promote products and deals at the point of sale, while the customers are happy getting free internet access. Our intelligent system enables stores to set their business goals and relax while it figures out the steps to achieve it, utilizing customer analytics and machine learning.

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YSpot for Brands

Promote your products at the point of sale.

Brands need to reach out to the customers at the right time to improve conversions. YSpot enables promotions at the time when the customer is deciding to buy a product in a physical store. A push at this point drives more conversions. Brands can automate centralized promotional campaigns to increase sales or drive footfalls to the outlets offering its products or services.

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Auto connect with App

The App connects automatically to WiFi when a Yspot is in range, allowing you to enjoy seamless access to free Internet across the city.



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