Personalised customer engagement

Recognise every customer and engage with them at the right time, with customised messages to increases footfalls and sales.


Engage with customers over WiFi

Yspot enables stores to present a digital view of the store, customised for each visitor, when they connect to WiFi andengage by sending notification messages.

At the right time

Near by

  • Recommend products

  • Exclusive offer

  • New product info

  • Product availablity


  • Personalised choice

  • Loyalty rewards

  • Product comparison

  • Digital payments

  • Recommendations

After purchase

  • Feedback

  • Revisit reminders

  • New arrival info

Yspot enables engagement at various customer touchpoints based on location, time and dwell duration. Stores can connect in-store or when the customer is nearby.

With right customer knowledge

Yspot classifies customers based on store visits, preferences,location, purchase history and more.Customers are engaged with right messages for maximum impact

Context based messaging

Automate the process

Set the product, offer and store information and leave it on us to send the message based on context

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