Personalising the world around you

A quick, digital way to explore your favorite hangouts and stores, completely customised for you, while you enjoy a free, high speed and secure WiFi access.

WiFi is the new interface

Free, secure and unlimited internet access

Connect to "Yspot" wifi at the store and explore a customised digital view of the store, while enjoying the free internet access.

Explore products, Get recommendations

Customised deals & offers

Just like online shopping experience

Every visit counts, every purchase gets cheaper

Compare products, discover the best ones and get recommendations based on your preferences.

Yspot remembers your preferences, visits and needs to provide an offer made specialy for you.

A city wide free WiFi network

Visit a yspot store and connect to "Yspot" WiFi for more

Download app now to auto connect when you visit a store next time

Offer an exciting experience
for your customers

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